Come work with us!

We’re looking for a content manager

RunGuides helps people find running events in their community.

Our site currently lists running events in over 30 North American cities. We are looking for someone to help make sure that our event calendars in some of our cities are up to date, and to help us build our content in new markets.

Are you into running/endurance sports? Does the idea of building web traffic and helping grow running communities get you stoked?

If so then please keep reading!

Here’s what we need help with

Maintaining our existing race calendars

Runners use our calendars (e.g. to find races. We need help making sure that these calendars are as accurate as possible. This involves:

  • Reviewing events on RunGuides and updating their information (dates, distances, descriptions etc.) whenever necessary
  • Adding and removing events from our calendar
  • Helping us figure out the most popular/interesting events in each city

Responding to people who contact us

Race directors and runners email us every day, we need someone to help us get back to these people. This typically involves:

  • Adding events to RunGuides
  • Identifying people who may want to advertise with RunGuides

Running email, article, and link building campaigns

We believe that we’ll continue to grow our traffic by creating quality content for local runners and want you to help us do that. That currently involves:

  • Working with local bloggers/guest posters to write articles about the local running scene (upcoming events, running clubs, running routes etc.)
  • Increasing the number of inbound links to our site
  • Creating and sending email newsletters to our members

Skills that you’ll need

We are looking to work with someone who has the following skills/experience:

  • Basic understanding of how search engines rank websites
  • Basic Photoshop skills
  • Experience using Google Drive
  • Experience using Mailchimp
  • Experience adding content to directory sites (event content preferred)
  • An ability to research and find information online

We’re not just looking for technical abilities though, here are some things that are huge bonus points to us as well:

  • An interest or familiarity with running events
  • An entrepreneurial attitude (basically someone who can take initiative, takes pride in their work, and is passionate about growing a business)
  • Borderline anal attention to detail (a must when dealing with content)

Still interested? Great! Here’s a bit more about our business and what we can offer you.

  • We are officially based out of Vancouver, Canada, but our business is 100% virtual, so you get to work wherever you want!
  • Like to run? Cool! We like to try and hook our contractors up with entry to local races whenever we can.
  • Let me know that you read this bullet point. It shows me that you took the time to read the full job posting.
  • The projects that you will be working on have an immediate and direct effect on our website. You will see the impact of what you’re working on.

…. Sound good?

Final Details/How to Apply

This contractor position pays CDN $20 per hour, and will require an ongoing commitment of about 20-40 hours per month to start.

If you are interested in applying to this job please email with “I Like Running” in your subject line. Tell us why you want to work with us, and include answers to the following questions:

  • What is your availability like? What are your typical work days/times?
  • Have you ever participated in, or watched a running event? If so which one(s)?
  • Do you have any examples of content that you have added to an event directory or similar website?
  • What version of photoshop do you currently use?