Featured Event

Make it easier for runners to find your race by pinning it to the top of our race calendar as a featured event. Simple, and cost effective!

The promotion that we ran on RunGuides ended up being one of our most responsive campaigns!

Diane Chesla
Diane CheslaRace Director, Niagara Falls International Marathon

How It Works

People use the RunGuides race calendar to help them find runs in their city, we display two featured events at the top of the RunGuides race calendar. More traffic to your race, more runners signing up.


How much does it cost?

Featured events are either $100 or $200 per event per month depending on the city that you would like to feature in.

Will my event always show at the top of race calendar?

Our featured events change every time the page is refreshed, and are set to rotate equally. We limit the number of featured events per city at any given time to keep the view counts high!

Are there a maximum number of featured events?

Yes. We limit the number of featured events in each city to keep the view counts and click through rates high.

Why Consider a Featured Event?

  • Cost Effective

    Need marketing on a budget? Featured events are either $100 or $200/month depending on the city you’re featuring in.

  • Guaranteed Return

    Featured events get an instant boost in traffic. More runners to your event right away!

  • Simple

    No major time and effort on your end to set up. Select the events to be featured and we schedule everything!

Who is Using Featured Events

We’re proud to be working with a number of local and national race series across North America.

Have questions or want to feature your event? Get in touch!