Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are an easy way to increase the number of runners at your event and help you sell out your race faster. RunGuides can help you spread the word quickly!

How It Works

The program is simple. Users come to RunGuides looking for runs, we let them know about any local race discounts with monthly emails and placement on our race calendar.


Does this cost anything?

It’s free to list a discount code on RunGuides and appear on the coupon codes page.

If you offer a commission per coupon code redeemed then we will give you additional marketing:

  • Give your event guaranteed placement in emails that we send to runners
  • Enhance your event page with calls to action to increase conversions
  • Run re-marketing campaigns directing our audience back to your event

Is there a minimum discount that I have to offer?

No minimum discounts required. Set an offer that works with your numbers!

Why use Coupon Codes?

  • Guaranteed Email Placement

    Coupon codes can get guaranteed inclusion in any emails sent to RunGuides members. It’s the easiest way to get your event in front of our audience!

  • No Risk

    You control the amount and number of coupons. No minimum discount or quantities required.

  • Simple Set Up

    No major time and effort on your end to set up, no extra software necessary, it often takes less than 5 minutes to create and activate a coupon code.

Have questions or want to get your coupon code up on RunGuides? Get in touch!