Site Facts and User Behaviour

RunGuides users are actively searching for running information in specific geographic locations. We help them by providing relevant information so that they can easily browse and find races in their area through

RunGuides lists races in a number of markets across North America. If you have questions regarding traffic to specific markets please contact us.

  • Traffic Sources

    Just over 80% of RunGuides traffic comes from organic (non-paid) search terms related to local running events. e.g Chicago running events, Vancouver runs, 10k races Toronto

  • Male vs. Female Users

    68% of RunGuides users are women. Our audience are primarily 18 – 34 years old (54% of users) or 35-44 years old (23% of users).

  • Local Relevance

    95% of people coming to RunGuides are looking for running information within their local geographic area.

  • Complete Information

    RunGuides works with local sources to list all valid running events in each market, not just races that work with us.

  • On Site Behavior

    Users who land on the RunGuides race calendar spend just over 4 minutes on the site.

  • Mobile Optimized

    RunGuides has been optimized for appearance on smartphones including iPhone and Android models.

The RunGuides Story

Our RunGuides mission is to help people achieve personal greatness by connecting them with running events in their community.

We are two guys from Vancouver, Canada with a passion for technology, online marketing, and athletics. As runners ourselves we understand the preparation that goes into an event, the excitement of race day… and the inevitable post event anxiety of waiting for photos to come online. As technology and marketing professionals we understand the need for intelligent and effective online campaigns, and that advertising isn’t just throwing an ad at someone, it’s about having a conversation with people who care about your products.

We believe that running is more than just paying for a bib. It’s a way to stay inspired, it’s a way to prove something to yourself, it’s a way to connect with like-minded people. We created RunGuides to provide relevant information so that runners can find what they need quickly, spend less time in front of the computer, and more time out doing what they love.

Brendan & Cory
Co-Founders, RunGuides Media